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Custom Order Services

  • I want to work with you to build your dream "Bluetooth Audio Delivery System".

  • If you have an idea about something you want, contact me and I'll work with you to build it!

If your in the San Antonio area and want to see/hear one of the Cigar Boxes, visit Mam's Cigar Shop

  • I am excited to announce that Marsh, the Veteran Owner/Operator of MAM's Cigar Shop has agreed to display and allow me to sell the Bluetooth Cigar Stereo's at his shop!

  • Please come buy and visit his Shop, check out his inventory and the Bluetooth Stereos!

  • MAM's offers a great atmosphere and  selection of premium Cigars!


I believe in being honest and fair with my customers.

  • As of 6/8/18, The price of the Bluetooth Ammo Cans have increased by approximately $10.00. The reason for the increase is twofold:
    • My Battery supplier raised their price, so I've explored options and found another supplier that's offering a much longer lasting battery for the same price as the increase.
    • Kicker discontinued the model of speaker I was using, so we are using the updated one (that costs a bit more). 
  • In effort to be fair, I'm splitting the cost of these changes with the customer! 
  • Your new Ammo Can will play louder, longer!

Offering Local Pick-up!

If you're local to the San Antonio area, I'd be happy to schedule a meeting with you!

Call (210) 504-4810 and schedule a convenient meeting place for both of us or EMAIL doc@creativedesignaudio.com and  leave your contact information. I'll contact  you as soon as possible.


  • If I order an Ammo-Can Stereo with Hydro Graphics, how much time will it add to my order?

  • At this time, Ammo-Cans with Hydro Graphics is done as a custom order. Rick says he needs about 5 days to complete the process, so plan on it taking an additional 5 days.  We'll do our best to get it out as soon as possible. 


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